Surfing Lesson

Surfing Lesson special offer ALL COURSES INCLUDE: BASIC COURSE (1 Day – 2,5 Hours) BEGINNER COURSE (3 Days – 7,5 Hours) *All Price are Subject to 21% Tax & Service Charge Professional Instructor, Shower, Locker, Changing Room & Travel, Surf Board, Fresh Mineral Water during the lesson, Course Certificate, Insurance Covered EQUIPMENT NEEDED Surf Board, Wet Suit (S, M, […]

Wellness Package

Our Balinese herbs and exotic spices are a perfect body revival as well as the secret of Balinese beauty. During the 2 hours herbal scrub workshop, we will learn to make Jamu drink, Body scrub, and warming body mask using natural ingredients known to benefit body vitality and skin beauty. Followed by a session of […]

Balinese Traditional Costume

While holidaying in Bali you may see an unique outfit of Balinese in temple or at some event. Women wear kebaya and men wear something in their head with white shirt and something like skirt, but that is the Balinese traditional outfits. Balinese always using it when they go to the temple, or some traditional ceremony […]

Dinner in The River

Romantic Dinner in The River Travelling and see the world is amazing!  But when you do it with the peoples you love and care about it’s event more beautiful if you think sunset dinner is too common why not try a candle-it dinner that looks like out of fairytale, or should I say 100 candle-it dinner […]

Village Cycling

A cycling experience that will show you a different side of Bali that you never imagined before. Where you can find pristine life, culture, and friendly locals. When you arrive at the countryside, you can relax with morning tea accompanied by a quiet atmosphere around you. A safety briefing will be given prior to this […]

Special Breakfast Packages

I can’t imagine that anyone was ever bored eating breakfast at a regular hotel but, just imagine this…Refreshingly cool water lapping at your body, the wafting aroma of richly brewed coffee tickling your nose and the vibrant sight of a colourful board of scrumptious fruit, pastries, dense loaves and breakfast treats floating towards you.Could there […]

Water Blessing

The Water Purification (Water Blessing) ritual with a prise encompasses mysterious and ancient rituals to cleanse our being and eradicates negative energy. This unique spiritual event is a genuine purification healing ritual, a deep symbolic experience. Which positively influences everyone that receives it long after it happens.

Cooking Class

Cook Traditionally Balinese food your self with a cooking class program specifically raises the theme of original Balinese cuisine. Visiting Traditional Market Tour ( only for Morning Class) continue Enjoy freshly picked fruits and vegetables from our own chemical-free garden and having traditional Balinese Breakfast that purchase directly from the market. what is really fun […]