Keramas Sacred River

Balinese Ceremony

Mebayuh Ceremony

“Mebayuh” is one of the manusa yadnya ceremonies, where in the ejection of Pemawacakan Pemayuh comes from the word “bayuh” which means dayuh (comfort or

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Metatah ( Tooth Filing )

Tooth cutting (Balinese: mepandes, mesangih or metatah) is a Hindu-Balinese religious ceremony when a child is growing up, and is also interpreted as the payment

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Menek Kelih

As soon as a boy experiences nocturnal emission and a girl menstruates for the first time, a Mênek Kêlih ritual is prepared. Another name for

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Otonan Ceremony

Otonan is a ceremony (ceremonial birthday) Six months after a child is born, the ceremony is carried out according to the Wuku calendar of Bali,either

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