Tiga Bulan Ceremony ( 3 month baby)

Nelu Bulanin, also known as Upacara Nelu Bulanin and Niskramana Samskara, is a traditional ceremony held in Bali, Indonesia. The ceremony commemorates an infant baby who has reached three months, per the Pawukon calendar, or 105 days of age. The name “Nelu Bulanin” is from the Balinese language, “Nelu” or “Telu” meaning three and “Bulan” meaning month.
The purpose of Nelu Bulanin is to purify a baby; the Balinese believe that the first three months are a crucial stage of a baby’s development. At this age, babies begin to actively engage their five senses. It is believed that this development can affect their soul and that Nelu Bulanin keeps the baby’s soul pure.

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